Are You Ready to Become a Member of Mapes Baptist Church?

How to Become a Member of Mapes Baptist Church

  1. Persons who wish to become a member of Mapes Baptist Church are those who have confessed Jesus the Christ to be their Savior and Lord.
  2. Have experienced (or agree to be) immersion by Baptism. Understanding the ordinance of Baptism is symbolic of a previous conversion experience where confession in Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  3. Prior to membership request there should be a meeting with the Pastor where the vision and doctrine of the church is discussed, understood, and there is total agreement with the beliefs of Mapes Baptist Church.
  4. The person shall be received into membership upon the recommendation of the pastor and vote of the church in a business meeting where names are submitted.
  5. The person(s) shall be presented before the church in a worship service where a public announcement enabling the Faith Family to affirm the application for church membership.
  6. This serves as an encouragement to the Body and demonstrates to the Faith Family that God is calling others to join in the ministry and work He has called us to here in Vanderhoof and beyond.
  7. Upon becoming a member of Mapes Baptist Church the person(s) is saying that they will work for the edification of the Faith Family and strive to build up and support the church leadership and other members.